Answers About Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce offers couples the chance to settle any conflicting points of view, rather than relying on divorce court to decide for them. Choosing collaborative divorce can reduce some of the strain that divorce brings and avoiding the stress of divorce litigation.

Collaborative divorce is becoming a more common choice for couples, knowing that traditional divorce can be time-consuming and strenuous.

If you are considering this option, contact Zachary A. Vandyke, P.A. As a Panama City divorce lawyer, I have helped many clients find the solutions they need because I am a committed advocate who cares about others' needs.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Many clients come to me with many questions. Is it that much less costly? Can I finalize my divorce more quickly? Will I still need to go to court? Remember that any court procedure draws from the court's time and resources. The dockets are packed with cases day in and day out. Anything that avoids court will always turn out to be the less expensive options.

Collaborative divorce is successful if both couples enact these three principles:

  • Both spouses pledge that they wish to avoid court
  • Both spouses vow to provide full disclosure of information
  • Both spouses agree to focus solely on what is in the best interests for them and the children

Most cases can be resolved over the course of several meetings. You sit down with your attorney to discuss the situation and then meet with your spouse and his or her attorney. Along with your Panama City collaborative divorce lawyer, you can also consult with financial advisors, mental health professionals, child care specialists, and even career coaches to assist you. Once an agreement has been reached, a judge will only need to sign off on the agreement to finalize it.

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There are very specific procedures and paperwork that are involved in most collaborative divorces, so it is critical that you have a lawyer who is knowledgeable in this area of law. I, Zachary A. Vandyke, have handled many types of collaborative divorce cases. I am known for assisting clients to find helpful and practical solutions.

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