The Contested Divorce Process In Florida

The end of a marriage is a stressful and heartbreaking experience for many couples, especially when they have problems agreeing on many of the issues afterward. For example, you may have one idea about child custody, but your spouse does not see eye-to-eye. Or, you agree to your spouse's proposal for alimony support, but not to property division. These are the issues that often arise in a contested divorce.

Some couples still find it difficult to resolve their disagreements, even after sitting down to calmly discuss the circumstances. When this occurs, people tend to worry and wonder if they can still continue with their divorce. By seeking legal advice from a Panama City divorce lawyer, I, Zachary A. Vandyke, can discuss the process with you step-by-step. You will then have the right tools to make informed decisions.

I can offer guidance for the following:

  • Filing your petition for divorce
  • Collecting child support or alimony
  • Obtaining temporary court orders or relief
  • Deciding on the division of your marital assets
  • Drawing up a plan for parental visitation/time sharing

Courts are often so clogged with cases that judges will require couples to attempt to settle matters well before the petition can go to court. Consider resolving your differences through mediation, as you may find it quite advantageous to have the issues ironed out, and may save any extra time or expense. I urge you to contact an experienced Panama City divorce lawyer to help you take the right steps.

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With over a decade of legal experience under my belt, I have been helping families overcome many of the hurdles that come with divorce, no matter how complex their situation may be. In any divorce, you want to ensure that you are protected, but you also make the right choices for your family. That is why I sit down with you, one-on-one, to come up with a solution that is tailored specifically to your situation.

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