Uncontested Divorce Saves Time And Money

There are no laws in Florida that require couples to provide grounds for their divorce; it is NO-FAULT DIVORCE. This means that one spouse or the other can petition for divorce and will not be required to offer reason for doing so. You would only need to state that the marriage is now "irretrievably broken."

Uncontested divorces tend to be somewhat simpler cases to resolve than contested divorces. By retaining an attorney who has handled many different types of divorce cases, the process can be completed relatively quickly.

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The Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is often much less costly than contested divorce. Traditional divorces require couples to spend a great deal of time working on their problems and making several court appearances, and potentially a trial, before they may finalize their divorce. However, when couples have an uncontested divorce, they can work out many of the terms of divorce in a marital settlement agreement which negates several hearings and a trial of the issues before a judge.

Here are some of the added benefits of uncontested divorce:

  • Lower attorney fees and costs
  • Less conflict between spouses
  • Fewer, if any, court appearances
  • Quick and efficient resolution of the issues

On average, uncontested divorces can be completed in 30-60 days, as opposed to the sometimes lengthy periods of time that contested divorces take. As a Panama City divorce attorney, I have assisted countless clients with their divorce cases, especially those who need a more affordable solution and can agree on the issues. Divorce is stressful and expensive enough — why worry about added expense when you do not need to?

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