Make Your Adoption Process A Good One

Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to add new members to your family while also helping others. However, many potentially wonderful parents are scared away from it because of the complex and intimidating legal requirements that it involves.

Many factors come into play and the process itself is highly regulated by the state of Florida. Because of this, having an experienced family lawyer, like Zachary Vandyke, in your corner can be extremely beneficial in your goal of adoption.

Adoptions are typically divided into two main categories:

  • Open adoptions, where the child's birth parents are allowed to have some form of contact
  • Closed adoptions, where the records are sealed once the adoption is finalized and the birth parents are usually not allowed to have contact with the child

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What To Expect During The Adoption Process

The process can occur either through a public or private adoption agency, or an independent adoption. Each option has numerous benefits and downsides. For example, public agencies typically cost less but take longer to complete, while private agencies typically cost more but take less time. Once your application is approved, you will be subjected to a home study to determine if your living situation is suitable for raising a child. You will also have a required background check and physical examination. In total, the entire process could take you anywhere from nine months all the way up to five years to complete.

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