Understanding Joint Custody And Why Courts Favor It

It's important for any child to grow up with the influence of both parents, even after a divorce or separation. While it depends on the best interests of the child, joint child custody is an effective solution if the parents are capable of working together despite their differences. I am dedicated to pursuing the best for both you and your children. I help my clients navigate the legal steps of child custody, while providing helpful advice and analysis of your choices.

The Benefits Of Joint Custody Arrangements

Joint custody, also known as shared parental responsibility in Florida, is a court order which awards custody of a child to both parents. They both act as the child's primary residence and care providers, giving each of them the right and responsibility to make decisions about their children's health, education and overall well-being.

The advantages of joint custody include:

  • Child/children can be raised with the influence of both parents
  • Less stress and responsibility for both parents with shared custody, as opposed to one parent having to raise a child/children on their own
  • Child/children may act as an amicable common ground for both parents, since divorced couples must cooperate in a civil, friendly manner with each other in order to determine what's best for their child/children

There is also another type of joint physical custody arrangement in Florida called "rotating physical custody," which enables each parent to take turns serving as the custodial parent. The terms are typically for six months to one year at a time in order to have close to a 50-50 split of time with the child/children.

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