Administrative Discipline Defense With 20-Plus Years Experience

For career servicemen and servicewomen, an administrative disciplinary hearing is more than about innocence or punishment. It's about preserving your military career, about making sure that you can continue serving your country as best as you possibly can. When your livelihood is on the line, call Zachary A. Vandyke, P.A., Our Panama City criminal defense lawyer has the experience and skill to defend you in a variety of military criminal defense cases.

While military counselors are honorable and skilled lawyers, hiring a civilian defense attorney has its own advantages as well. Civilian attorneys like ours often have resources a military lawyer may not have access to. Our lawyer, for example, is backed by his staff and a network of investigative resources who add insight and effectiveness to your defense.

However, unlike many civilian attorneys, our lawyer has decades of military experience. As a former JAG Officer for the National Guard, his experience with the military disciplinary process makes him ideally suited to handle your case. With the insight of a former Armed Services member and the firepower of a civilian law firm, the time to call Zachary A. Vandyke, P.A., is now.

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Types Of Administrative Actions And What They Mean

There are multiple situations where having seasoned counselors on your side is vital. The presence of an attorney early in the disciplinary process could mean the difference between a long, fruitful career and a dishonorable discharge. Contact our firm if you're facing administrative action of any kind.

  • Article 15 — Also known as a Non-Judicial Punishment, it's a tool for commanding officers to address crimes too minor to warrant a court-martial. You have the right to respond to this directly or request a trial by court-martial.
  • Commander-directed investigations — Your commander has the power to conduct an investigation into your actions, which may eventually lead to charges being preferred against you. You can protect your rights by hiring a criminal defense lawyer at this early stage.
  • Administrative demotion — If your commanding officer recommends you for a demotion, you have the right to respond with formal protest and present a case against the recommendation.
  • Involuntary administrative discharge — If your employment is under threat of termination, you have the right to address a possible discharge through a formal hearing. The hearing will examine your service before a board of officials, with your attorney arguing for your retention and the government arguing for your discharge.
  • Letters of reprimand — If letters of reprimand, or formal allegations, have been levied against you, you can respond to them within a certain window of time. If you have been served with letters of reprimand, contact an attorney immediately to learn what you should do.

No matter how early the disciplinary process, hiring a defense attorney is not an admission of guilt — it's an effective way of preparing yourself for action while protecting your rights. Too many people have had their careers destroyed as a result of not speaking with an attorney soon enough. Free consultations means we can answer your questions about your case before you commit to any course of action. Call today.

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