Helping Service Members And Their Families In Divorce

Because of deployment, relocation, and other stressful contributing factors, military spouses unfortunately face a high rate of divorce. While the issues involved in a military divorce are similar to civilian divorces, there are unique laws and procedures that are put in place to handle them.

As a combat veteran, former member of the U.S. Army JAG Corps and divorcee, I understand exactly how stressful and emotionally burdensome divorce can be. As your Panama City military divorce lawyer, I offer compassionate and effective service as I represent the best interests of my military clients.

With a decade of legal experience and more than 20 years in military experience, I built my firm, Zachary A. Vandyke, P.A., so clients can benefit from the type of legal counsel they deserve.

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Some matters to consider that make military divorces unique include:

  • If a service member is overseas, he or she has the right to postpone divorce proceedings until they return from deployment.
  • Military retirement is governed by the 10/10/50 rule, meaning that if the spouses were married at least 10 years and the future retiree had at least 10 years of service during the marriage, each spouse is entitled to 50 percent of the retirement funds.
  • Child custody issues may be particularly difficult to resolve due to deployment and relocation.

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Service members are constantly on the move, creating unique challenges when going through a divorce, especially in regards to child custody. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that any court order or agreement properly addresses relocations, changes of order and permanent changes of station.

Often, having a Family Care Plan (FCP) in place can be extremely useful and help enforce its stipulations in the event of a disagreement between parents. I am able to help you keep the lines of communication open and work with both parties to create an agreeable and flexible custody and visitation arrangement.

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