We Represent Victims Of Boating Accidents

Because of its proximity to so many excellent bodies of water, Florida is a popular location for boating. Unfortunately, these activities bring with them a significant risk of injury when people operating watercrafts do not take the necessary safety precautions to protect themselves and others.

Boating education courses are a must for anyone operating a watercraft — from small fishing boats to yachts. However, these courses are not mandatory for boaters in Florida, meaning that plenty of untrained and unskilled operators are cruising the waterways. In fact, many accidents occur when untrained individuals fail to understand the dangers of being on the water compared to being on the road and don't know what to do in order to avoid serious accidents.

Some common causes of boating accidents include:

  • Boating under the influence
  • Injuries caused by negligent captains, tour guides or other parties
  • Poor maintenance or defective equipment
  • Unsafe speeds
  • Passenger ejection
  • Water skiing or tubing

We Help Individuals Harmed On Oceans, Rivers And Lakes Near Panama City

Injuries and deaths caused by boating accidents can create a complex legal situation with unique challenges far different from automobile accidents on the road. Evidence that can support a claim or lawsuit can easily become lost in the water, creating the need for specialized methods of recovery. In addition to this, federal maritime laws can make an already complicated situation even more difficult.

As the founding Panama City personal injury lawyer at Zachary A. Vandyke, P.A., I am well-versed in all aspects of laws regarding watercraft operation and personal injury claims. My extensive experience gives me the tools to provide you with dedicated and aggressive legal representation as I work to obtain the compensation you deserve after a boating accident.

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