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What can the state do about delinquent child support?

It is in the best interests of the child that the noncustodial parent pay what is ordered to support the child. In many cases, the parent will do what he or she is supposed to do in this vein. Unfortunately, there are times when there are delinquent payments and the custodial parent has to take steps to get what is owed. There are enforcement strategies that the state will use to get these payments and the punish the parent who is not complying with the order.

Income deduction can be done if the noncustodial parent has a job. The state can have the support payments deducted right from the parent's paycheck. This will follow the noncustodial parent wherever he or she works in the state. New hire reporting is when a business reports new employees or former employees who have been rehired. If there is a support order, the payments will then be deducted from the person's paycheck. Assets can be subject to seizure if there is a failure to pay child support. This includes tax refunds, lottery winnings, unemployment and other payments. Bank accounts can have money deducted as well.

A lien can be placed on property that the delinquent parent owns. That includes a home, land, vehicles and other items of value. Driver's licenses and other licenses can be subject to suspension if the child support is not paid in full or the supporting parent is delinquent. Having one's driver's license suspended can cause a greater host of problems, particularly if the vehicle is needed for work. Contempt of court can be ordered with the noncustodial parent ordered to pay a significant sum or end up being arrested. With an arrest warrant, the noncustodial parent can be placed under arrest at his or her home, at work or if there is a traffic stop.

Credit bureaus can be informed affecting the parent's credit rating; there could be a federal charge if it is an out-of-state case; vehicle registrations can be suspended; professional licenses can be suspended; and there can be a passport denial. The idea behind these penalties might seem like punishment, but in reality it is all done in the interest of getting the noncustodial parent to pay what is owed to the custodial parent to meet the financial needs of the child. A parent who is not receiving what he or she is owed inchild support needs to know what to do to get the payments. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help with such a situation.

Source:, "Paying Child Support: It's the Law...," accessed on Dec. 19, 2016

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