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January 2017 Archives

Florida child support and visitation for service members

When Florida couples share a child, there will be certain issues that have to be handled if they are no longer together. These issues are compounded when one or both members are in the military. Since military personnel have certain duties that they are obligated to fulfill, the law allows for temporary modifications of time-sharing and child support for service members. Those who are military members or the former spouse of a military member should understand the law when it comes to these matters.

What are important points about child relocation in Florida?

When Florida parents are no longer together as a couple, it is not unusual for the custodial parent to want to relocate with the child. With relocation, the principal residence of the person who has custody of the child will change from what it was at the time of the previous agreement for time-sharing or the pending action to establish or modify the time-sharing agreement.

When can prenuptial agreements be unenforceable in Florida?

If a Florida couple decides to divorce, there are times when they had an agreement prior to the marriage if the union failed. While prenuptial agreements are frequently viewed as a protective strategy with a high asset divorce, these agreements can be a part of any marriage. When there is one party who signed it but would like to try and dispute its validity, the law has certain criteria regarding its enforcement. Knowing the law can help both sides.


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