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February 2017 Archives

We advise service members with many of their legal issues

Service members often have military-related legal needs not experienced by members of the civilian population. When navigating the legal system, service members may benefit from the advice and representation of a lawyer with experience helping service members and handling military issues.

Tried as an adult: The penalties a DUI causes teens

Teens make mistakes. Everyone knows this, but the law still has a specific age at which it begins to see a person as an adult. At 18, a teen is no longer a minor, and he or she could be tried as an adult for driving under the influence. In fact, because the teen is not legally allowed to drink until the age of 21, there are additional penalties he or she could face. What can you do as a parent who sees this situation before you? A strong defense is a good place to start.

Complicated custody dispute involves biological father's rights

When a Florida couple shares a child and is no longer together, visitation rights can be among the most complicated issues that they will face. Not only do the parents want to see the child and play a key role in his or her development, but they also want to adhere to the best interests of the child. Normally, the couple will either come to an agreement on a parenting plan or the court will help for one to be formulated. In certain cases, however, there will be a custody dispute. Some are more complicated than others. Regardless, having legal help is an imperative.

Can the end of a marriage lead to damaged credit scores?

Floridians who are at the end of a marriage and planning a divorce will have a significant number of divorce legal issues on their plate. Many will come to the forefront and be viewed as being of greater importance than others. Because an issue is thought to be of lesser importance does not mean that it should be completely ignored. One includes the credit score. Many couples who get through a contentious divorce dispute find their credit scores significantly damaged. This can make it hard to get a new residence, purchase a car and live in a similar way as they did before.

Important points about prenuptial agreements in Florida

Floridians who decide they would like to protect their assets and property before a marriage will often have a prenuptial agreement. There is a baseline knowledge about prenuptial agreements, but people will frequently fail to have a full understanding of exactly what the agreement entails, particularly at the time of the divorce. At the end of a marriage in which there is a prenuptial agreement, many factors must be understood when settling the matter based on the agreement. A previous blog post discussed when these agreements are unenforceable. Other important matters must be known.

Financial factors to consider with a Florida divorce

For Floridians, there are a number of divorce legal issues that will come up at the end of a marriage. Some are focused on more than others, but that does not make the ones that recede into the background any less relevant. In fact, these can cause the most problems. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means. Finances are a prime factor in any divorce dispute and these must be managed. One aspect that must be considered when planning a divorce is taxes.


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