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Can the end of a marriage lead to damaged credit scores?

Floridians who are at the end of a marriage and planning a divorce will have a significant number of divorce legal issues on their plate. Many will come to the forefront and be viewed as being of greater importance than others. Because an issue is thought to be of lesser importance does not mean that it should be completely ignored. One includes the credit score. Many couples who get through a contentious divorce dispute find their credit scores significantly damaged. This can make it hard to get a new residence, purchase a car and live in a similar way as they did before.

Avoiding this requires knowing what to watch for and taking certain steps. There are expenses related to a divorce. When going through the process, there are unavoidable costs. If there are children, disagreements over the separation of assets and who gets what, joint credit cards where one side claims the other made the charges, it can result in a continuous battle. This will extend the time it takes to settle the matter and raise the costs.

Not making payments is a frequent issue. Since distractions crop up, people fall behind on mortgages, do not pay utilities, or fail to keep up with car payments. All of these and other missed payments can negatively affect a credit score. These charges must be paid regardless of the status of the marriage. Couples who have the ability to be amicable can avoid this problem.

Finally, while the divorce is ongoing, debt can accrue. Sometimes this is intentional as a tactic to hurt the other spouse and sometimes it just happens as a matter of course. Monitoring the bank activity and keeping track of charges can keep this from happening. Couples in the midst of a divorce must keep track of everything. That includes finances and their credit score. Having help from a divorce attorney can assist with every part of the process from start to finish.

Source:, "3 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Score," Shawn Leamon, Jan. 10, 2017

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