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March 2017 Archives

Adopting a foster child in Florida has its benefits

When a person in Florida decides to adopt a child, they are providing a child with the love and support needed to grow and thrive. While sometimes a person decides to privately adopt a newborn or adopt a child from abroad, there are many children in Florida's foster care system that also need parents. Here are some benefits of adopting a child through the foster care system.

What factors are considered in parental relocation cases?

Parents in Florida, even if they are no longer in a relationship, want to retain a meaningful relationship with their child. However, one's life circumstances may change, leading one parent to desire to move away, which could affect theircurrent parenting plan. If one parent wants to relocate with the child and the other parent contests it, the court will be responsible for deciding whether or not to approve the relocation. When doing so, the following factors will be considered.

Family law resources can help with modifications after divorce

Life, of course, often changes following a divorce. As the family moves forward, the need for modifications of a child custody and visitation, child support or alimony settlement may arise. While it is important not to ignore the provisions of a valid divorce settlement, it may be possible through the legal process to modify a divorce agreement in certain circumstances.

Special rules for military divorces

Military divorces can face unique challenges and differences from civilian divorces. It is helpful for military spouses to be familiar with special rules that may apply to the military divorce process. Both state and federal laws can have an impact on a military divorce. Federal laws may determine where the divorce process takes place and how a military pension may be divided. State laws, alternately, may determine alimony and other concerns such as property division.

3 ways to beat a DUI when you're only a teen

A charge for driving under the influence is bad enough when you're over the age of 21, but if you're underage, you could find yourself in serious trouble. Fortunately, there are still ways to beat DUIs when you're a teenager. Many ways to fight the charges come from technicalities, like showing that an officer didn't have the training to give you a test or that the machine was not working correctly.

What is a "no fault" divorce?

In previous generations, when one spouse wished to end the marriage, he or she had to provide grounds for divorce and show that the other spouse was at fault for the destruction of the marriage. For example, the one asking for the divorce would have to provide evidence that the other spouse had engaged in infidelity or cruelty. This, in turn, meant that divorce cases were often highly contentious and very expensive.


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