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3 ways to beat a DUI when you're only a teen

A charge for driving under the influence is bad enough when you're over the age of 21, but if you're underage, you could find yourself in serious trouble. Fortunately, there are still ways to beat DUIs when you're a teenager. Many ways to fight the charges come from technicalities, like showing that an officer didn't have the training to give you a test or that the machine was not working correctly.

Here are three popular ways to fight DUIs that don't involve a long trial or extreme measures.

1. Show that the DUI checkpoint or traffic stop was illegal

The first thing to do is to make sure the traffic stop was legal. An officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull a driver over. If the officer has no reason to suspect that you are intoxicated or had no other reason to stop you for a moving violation, the DUI could be thrown out for an improper stop. Without the legal right to stop you, any evidence collected is discarded for violating your Fourth Amendment rights.

2. Show that the officer had no warrant for a blood test

Another catch to a DUI charge is that only breath tests and field sobriety tests are legal without a warrant. If you had to submit to a blood test but did not receive a warrant for the officer to do so, then a judge is likely to exclude the evidence. Blood tests are more invasive than breath tests, which is why an officer needs a warrant. In the case that an officer or medical provider did not sign the warrant, it's possible to have the case dismissed but less likely than if no warrant was presented to you.

3. Show up to court in case the officer doesn't

Another good way to get out of a DUI is to show up to court and hope the officer doesn't arrive to testify against you. Officers are busy, and many won't show up for traffic stop court dates. However, it's much more common for officers to show up for a DUI charge. If the officer can't make the hearing, it's possible to have the case dismissed. If this happens, it's called a continuance and makes it impossible for the prosecutors to reschedule the trial.

These are technicalities that could help you get out of a DUI charge, but you shouldn't rely on them. Your attorney can help you create a strong defense , so you can fight the charges in court.

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