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Adopting a foster child in Florida has its benefits

When a person in Florida decides to adopt a child, they are providing a child with the love and support needed to grow and thrive. While sometimes a person decides to privately adopt a newborn or adopt a child from abroad, there are many children in Florida's foster care system that also need parents. Here are some benefits of adopting a child through the foster care system.

First, there is a good deal of support and information available to parents in Florida who adopt a child through the foster care system. Whether this support comes from support groups, a 24-hour helpline or more, an adoptive parent has many of places to turn to when they have questions or need support.

In addition, adopting through the foster care system costs less than other forms of adoption. In fact, oftentimes the necessary training and home study for parents adopting from the state's foster care system do not cost anything, and court fees can be reduced or even paid by the agency. In contrast, a private adoption could cost as much as $30,000.

Adopting through the foster care system can also provide a sense of security. This is because the child's biological parents have already had their parental rights terminated, so there is no worry that they will have a change of heart and want the child to be placed back in their care.

In addition, parents who adopt from the foster care system may receive a monthly subsidy. Also, children who are the recipients of monthly subsidies may be eligible for Medicaid, which may reduce the health care costs associated with raising a child. In addition, a child adopted through the foster care system can attend any Florida state university free of charge.

Finally, by adopting through the foster care system, parents can choose how to grow their family. They can adopt sibling groups if they want a larger family, they can learn more about the child's personality and interests prior to adopting the child and they can decide whether they want to adopt an older child or a younger child.

Adopting a child in Florida is a noble goal, but prospective parents may have many questions about how to do so. Fortunately, legal help is available to those who want representation during the adoption process, to ensure that all the legal requirements for adoption are met.

Source:, "Benefits of Adopting Florida's Children," accessed March 28, 2017

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