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April 2017 Archives

State Supreme Court issues ruling on property division case

A prenuptial agreement can decide many issues in a divorce before the couple even marries. This can be a good way to streamline the property division process in the event of a divorce. Some couples feel that a prenuptial agreement can even strengthen their marriage, as it requires honesty and fairness. However, prenuptial agreements are not foolproof.

Fathers, here are some facts about joint custody and your rights

You were shocked when your wife decided she wanted to get a divorce, and you immediately felt threatened. You have a family, two children you love, and you thought everything was fine. Now, you're worried that she'll win custody and get alimony, stripping you of your financial independence and taking away your children.

Can an inheritance ever be marital property in a divorce?

While some married couples in Panama City are happy to say "what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours," there are situations in which one spouse may wish to retain sole ownership over certain types of assets, such as an inheritance. In general, an inheritance is considered to be separate property, rather than marital. However, should commingling occur, this once-separate property could be considered marital for property division purposes in the event of a divorce.

What happens to a servicemember's pension in a military divorce?

One of the many benefits of serving in the military in the United States is the pension a service member will receive. Panama City service members and their spouses often rely on these pensions as a means towards an earlier retirement than civilian employees, and with a more valuable overall retirement package. It is an important asset for any military couple.


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