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Divorce costs and 3 ways to cut down on them

Divorces can easily cost thousands of dollars, which is why when you decided to get one, you wanted to finalize it quickly. But over time you may have noticed that your spouse really doesn't want to negotiate or help finish the divorce process in a timely manner.

There are steps you can take to make the divorce go more smoothly and to help you save money.

1. If possible, work together.

The first way to save money in a divorce is to work together on creating a parenting plan or separation agreement. It can be difficult to do this if the divorce is contentious, but being able to negotiate and agree on your own terms can save you thousands. Also, discuss your goals and concerns with an experienced family law attorney, who in turn can advise you and negotiate on your behalf.

If cooperation between you and the other party becomes impossible, a skilled divorce and family law attorney can fight to protect your interests in court.

2. Don't argue over minor things.

It's normal to debate who should receive what in divorce and to negotiate for the best possible outcome. What's not a good idea is to argue over relatively minor details. For example, disputes over low-value assets can increase the cost of divorce. Consider whether or not the item you're fighting for is worth the battle.

If it is, then talk to your attorney about negotiating with your spouse's attorney instead of meeting together in a group. This approach can help prevent the negotiations from becoming needlessly overheated.

3. Choose mediation or arbitration.

Another great way to save money is opt for mediation or arbitration sessions. Mediation is usually much cheaper than going to court. In these sessions, a third party listens to both sides and gives you more information on the law and how it applies to your case. The same occurs in arbitration, but the arbitrator can make a decision in the case that is legally binding in some instances.

These are just a few ways you can save money and time during the divorce process. If you're facing a contentious divorce, your attorney can tell you more about the options you have to finalize it quickly.

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