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Military divorce presents issues not found in civilian divorce

It is not easy to be married to someone in the military. Service members in Florida and nationwide are often deployed for months at a time, leaving their spouse alone to manage the household. In addition, military families often must move frequently. All of this can take a toll on a service member's marriage, leading to divorce. However, there are laws related to a military divorce that are not the same as those related to a civilian divorce.

For example, sometimes a servicemember's spouse files for divorce while the service member is out of the country. When this happens, the service member is able to stall the divorce proceedings until they are back in the United States. In addition, there are unique rules when it comes to dividing military retirement assets in a military divorce. Also, deployment and relocation can also affect how issues regarding child custody and visitation are handled.

It is important, then, for service members to understand the laws regarding their military divorce. For this reason, they may want to seek legal advice from an attorney familiar with military divorce laws. Attorney Zachary A. Vandyke has over two decades of experience in the military, and has gone through his own military divorce. Therefore, he understands that a military divorce can be very stressful. His firm aims to protect his clients' best interests in their divorce proceedings.

A military divorce can be complex, and the laws surrounding it may not always be easy to understand. An attorney can examine a service member's situation and provide sound advice. The following military divorce webpage may help Florida service members who are facing divorce proceedings.

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