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July 2017 Archives

Determining marital property

When addressing property division during a divorce, the courts must first determine what is considered marital property. In most cases, property that was obtained before a marriage is considered non-marital property and will not be part of the property division.

How can a prenup help me during a marriage?

All is well in the world. You recently proposed to your significant other and a "Yes!" was said, and now the two of you are planning a wedding and a lifetime of happiness together as a new family. The last thing in the world you want to think about at this time is the possibility of divorce. Yet, statistics show that divorce is still common in the United States. There is no good time to bring up the possibility of divorce to your fiancée, but there are many reasons why you may want bring up the topic, and suggest that maybe you two talk about a prenuptial agreement, also called a prenup.

3 ways adultery could affect your divorce in Florida

In today's world, it isn't terribly surprising to hear that someone -- particularly a celebrity -- has had an extramarital relationship. Sometimes adultery doesn't even lead to the end of a marriage, as relationship counseling is perhaps more available now than ever before.

How guardianship is granted in courts

Although the parents of a child are the default guardians of a child until the child reaches adulthood, there are certain circumstances that may require that a new guardian be chosen. Guardians are important to minor children, as they serve several purposes not only for a child's nurturing and upbringing, but for several legal responsibilities too.

Why courts focus on the best interests of the child

It is not uncommon while going through divorce proceedings involving children to hear the courts talk about the best interests of the children. While the philosophy of course sounds noble, it is inherently vague. What exactly is meant by the "best interests of the child" and how can this philosophy in court affect decisions such as child custody, child support and even property division?


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