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3 ways adultery could affect your divorce in Florida

In today's world, it isn't terribly surprising to hear that someone -- particularly a celebrity -- has had an extramarital relationship. Sometimes adultery doesn't even lead to the end of a marriage, as relationship counseling is perhaps more available now than ever before.

Make no mistake, though: adultery can affect your divorce case. While you can choose to file a no-fault divorce, if your spouse decides on a divorce with adultery as grounds, it could affect your chances of getting what you want financially or for your child. Here are a few reasons why.

1. It affects your word.

The primary issue with adultery is that it makes the court frown on your actions. It shows that you perhaps are not responsible or that you are self-centered. This is something the judge may continue to take into consideration during the remainder of your divorce proceedings.

2. It can affect child custody.

Child custody determinations are something you may want to address prior to the divorce, especially if adultery is a cause. Judges want to see you act in the best interests of your children, and engaging in an extramarital relationship -- particularly if you do so publicly or on social media -- isn't necessarily good for the kids. The judge looks at each parent's "moral fitness," which means that, depending on the judge, your actions could influence how much you get to see your child.

3. It may affect spousal support.

Before a judge decides on spousal support matters, he or she will consider all aspects of your marriage. If you are asking for spousal support but were cheating on your spouse, there's a chance that the judge won't grant you as much support as you'd like. Usually, judges make decisions based on need, not on factors like adultery, but it can influence the judge's opinion.

On the whole, adultery shouldn't make a huge impact on your case. It can affect others' opinions of you, though, which could in turn affect the court proceedings.

If you have questions about any of these matters, arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer.

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