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August 2017 Archives

Maintaining a strong bond between father and child in Florida

Decades ago, the role of each spouse in a home was far different in many households in Florida and nationwide than it is today. Years ago, it was presumed that the female of a home would take on the role as caretaker of the home, and would care for children if applicable, while the husband would work.

Family law: when to consider separation over a divorce

If you are involved in an unhappy marriage, whatever the reason, the first thing you may consider is divorce. Many couples in Florida believe that the only options when a marriage is failing is to divorce. For couples who are unable to resolve their issues or differences, divorce may ultimately prove to be the best decision, but there may be other options to consider, including a legal separation.

What are my options when it comes to adoption?

One of the most satisfying and generous decisions a couple in Florida could make is the decision to adopt a child. Some spouses may choose to legally adopt a stepchild, some spouses are unable to have children together for health or other reasons and other couples may wish to help a child in need to welcome into their family.

Hollywood stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris to separate

The Hollywood world was taken by surprise by the duel announcement last week of the separation of television and film stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Pratt is well known as the star in the most recent "Jurassic Park" film and hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" film series; Faris is currently starring in the television sitcom "Mom." The announcement comes as a surprise to many as the couple have been very outgoing in the support of each other during their eight-year marriage.

Helping you through military divorce and family law issues

Military families are subject to the same family law issues as civilian families. However, the way to go about resolving these issues is often different. When a service member seeks to end a marriage, he or she needs to consider the military laws that might apply. These laws were put in place to protect a military member throughout the process, even delaying it if necessary because of deployment or training. Thus, if you are going through a military divorce or are seeking to resolve child custody or support issues during or after dissolution, it is important to understand the rights afforded to everyone involved.


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