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What are my options when it comes to adoption?

One of the most satisfying and generous decisions a couple in Florida could make is the decision to adopt a child. Some spouses may choose to legally adopt a stepchild, some spouses are unable to have children together for health or other reasons and other couples may wish to help a child in need to welcome into their family.

There are several options for spouses who are looking to adopt a child from outside their family. One of the most common ways is to work with an adoption agency. These are regulated by the state and help match up couples looking to adopt with children in need of adoption, often for children who were abused, orphaned or abandoned.

An adoption through identification involves utilizing a parent willing to put a child up for adoption and a set of parents willing to adopt the child. This can be complex, so both the birth parent or parents and the adoptive parents work through an agency. As of the beginning of April 2008, international adoptions are run through the Hague Adoption Convention. This treaty grants the United States federal government oversight of the adoption policies. It is designed to help protect against unethical practices such as adoption scams, human trafficking and international child abductions.

A couple may also choose to adopt independently. This often involves working with birth parents or a surrogate parent. If your family is considering any form of adoption, it is important to understand the complexities of the laws in Panama City, Florida, and throughout the United States. It is often in a couple's best interests to speak with a family law professional familiar with adoption to learn the best way to proceed.

Source: FindLaw, "The Different Types of Adoption," Accessed Aug. 14, 2017

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