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What are my options when it comes to adoption?

One of the most satisfying and generous decisions a couple in Florida could make is the decision to adopt a child. Some spouses may choose to legally adopt a stepchild, some spouses are unable to have children together for health or other reasons and other couples may wish to help a child in need to welcome into their family.

Hollywood stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris to separate

The Hollywood world was taken by surprise by the duel announcement last week of the separation of television and film stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Pratt is well known as the star in the most recent "Jurassic Park" film and hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" film series; Faris is currently starring in the television sitcom "Mom." The announcement comes as a surprise to many as the couple have been very outgoing in the support of each other during their eight-year marriage.

How can a prenup help me during a marriage?

All is well in the world. You recently proposed to your significant other and a "Yes!" was said, and now the two of you are planning a wedding and a lifetime of happiness together as a new family. The last thing in the world you want to think about at this time is the possibility of divorce. Yet, statistics show that divorce is still common in the United States. There is no good time to bring up the possibility of divorce to your fiancée, but there are many reasons why you may want bring up the topic, and suggest that maybe you two talk about a prenuptial agreement, also called a prenup.

How guardianship is granted in courts

Although the parents of a child are the default guardians of a child until the child reaches adulthood, there are certain circumstances that may require that a new guardian be chosen. Guardians are important to minor children, as they serve several purposes not only for a child's nurturing and upbringing, but for several legal responsibilities too.

What is the difference between an 'open' and 'closed' adoption?

In the past, and currently sometimes in the case of international adoptions, the child's adoptive parents may not be told the names of the child's biological parents or where the child was born. This is known as a "closed" adoption. Often even if this information is known by the adoptive parents in a closed adoption, they do not keep in contact with the child's biological parents once the adoption is final. Therefore, the child is usually unaware of who his or her biological parents are.

Adopting a foster child in Florida has its benefits

When a person in Florida decides to adopt a child, they are providing a child with the love and support needed to grow and thrive. While sometimes a person decides to privately adopt a newborn or adopt a child from abroad, there are many children in Florida's foster care system that also need parents. Here are some benefits of adopting a child through the foster care system.

Family law resources can help with modifications after divorce

Life, of course, often changes following a divorce. As the family moves forward, the need for modifications of a child custody and visitation, child support or alimony settlement may arise. While it is important not to ignore the provisions of a valid divorce settlement, it may be possible through the legal process to modify a divorce agreement in certain circumstances.

3 ways to beat a DUI when you're only a teen

A charge for driving under the influence is bad enough when you're over the age of 21, but if you're underage, you could find yourself in serious trouble. Fortunately, there are still ways to beat DUIs when you're a teenager. Many ways to fight the charges come from technicalities, like showing that an officer didn't have the training to give you a test or that the machine was not working correctly.

Tried as an adult: The penalties a DUI causes teens

Teens make mistakes. Everyone knows this, but the law still has a specific age at which it begins to see a person as an adult. At 18, a teen is no longer a minor, and he or she could be tried as an adult for driving under the influence. In fact, because the teen is not legally allowed to drink until the age of 21, there are additional penalties he or she could face. What can you do as a parent who sees this situation before you? A strong defense is a good place to start.


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