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Do my veteran's benefits count in child support calculations?

Many former members of the armed services how now live in Panama City or other parts of Florida draw disability benefits from the Veterans' Administration. While these benefits are ultimately intended to help military parents and other service members support themselves after being hurt or getting sick while in the line of duty, they also are calculated in to one's child support order as income.

Helping you through military divorce and family law issues

Military families are subject to the same family law issues as civilian families. However, the way to go about resolving these issues is often different. When a service member seeks to end a marriage, he or she needs to consider the military laws that might apply. These laws were put in place to protect a military member throughout the process, even delaying it if necessary because of deployment or training. Thus, if you are going through a military divorce or are seeking to resolve child custody or support issues during or after dissolution, it is important to understand the rights afforded to everyone involved.

Military divorce presents issues not found in civilian divorce

It is not easy to be married to someone in the military. Service members in Florida and nationwide are often deployed for months at a time, leaving their spouse alone to manage the household. In addition, military families often must move frequently. All of this can take a toll on a service member's marriage, leading to divorce. However, there are laws related to a military divorce that are not the same as those related to a civilian divorce.

3 key factors in military child custody arrangements

You may have decided to serve your country long before the decision to have children. Now, your spouse wants to get a divorce, and you know it could impact how much time you get with your kids. Will being in the military affect your right to see your children?

What happens to a servicemember's pension in a military divorce?

One of the many benefits of serving in the military in the United States is the pension a service member will receive. Panama City service members and their spouses often rely on these pensions as a means towards an earlier retirement than civilian employees, and with a more valuable overall retirement package. It is an important asset for any military couple.

Special rules for military divorces

Military divorces can face unique challenges and differences from civilian divorces. It is helpful for military spouses to be familiar with special rules that may apply to the military divorce process. Both state and federal laws can have an impact on a military divorce. Federal laws may determine where the divorce process takes place and how a military pension may be divided. State laws, alternately, may determine alimony and other concerns such as property division.

We advise service members with many of their legal issues

Service members often have military-related legal needs not experienced by members of the civilian population. When navigating the legal system, service members may benefit from the advice and representation of a lawyer with experience helping service members and handling military issues.

Florida child support and visitation for service members

When Florida couples share a child, there will be certain issues that have to be handled if they are no longer together. These issues are compounded when one or both members are in the military. Since military personnel have certain duties that they are obligated to fulfill, the law allows for temporary modifications of time-sharing and child support for service members. Those who are military members or the former spouse of a military member should understand the law when it comes to these matters.

Can I keep medical coverage in a military divorce?

When a military couple in Florida decides to divorce, there are certain issues that must be taken into consideration. For example, the military health coverage under TRICARE might be affected for non-service members. There are certain criteria that dictate whether the former spouse will continue receiving benefits and for how long. With a divorcing military couple, it is important to understand the federal laws and how military benefits might be impacted.

Civilian, military divorces: yes, they're different

Imagine that you're working for your country for an extended period in an inhospitable area many thousands of miles away from your spouse and children, and you suddenly receive an order to appear in a court back home regarding a family law matter. Failure to do so, notes the order, will put you in contempt and subject you to various -- and serious -- penalties.


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