Protect yourself from scams when adopting in Florida

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeFeb 12, 20210 Comments

Adopting a child can make so many wishes come true. Parents will have a child to love and protect. In turn, the child will receive a safe home and plenty of affection in a successful adoption. For many in Panama City, FL, adoption is the realization of a life-long dream.

What could turn this dream into a nightmare for adoptive parents? Becoming the unwitting target of an adoption fraud or scam is one thing that can cause your plans to fall apart. When this happens (and it does happen), the dreams of many come crashing down.

What are some signs of adoption fraud?

In our family law practice, we have helped many parents and children find one another and merge into a loving family. Unfortunately, we have also seen far too many people fall victim to adoption fraud. We want to help you avoid this fate by giving you a few common signs indicating the possibility of adoption fraud:

  • Demanding excessive adoption fees upfront
  • Making guarantees about successfully adopting
  • No proof of pregnancy
  • Not responding to contact attempts
  • No attending attorney meetings
  • Not giving contact information
  • Demanding money for unknown expenses for the birth mother

When an adoption plan is legitimate, the issues above will never arise. Authorized agencies strive to keep communication flowing freely between all parties throughout the stages of adoption.

Can legal guidance help with your adoption?

Yes! Working with a law firm experienced with adoption in Florida is a great way to protect yourself. Such a partnership provides you with an advocate throughout your quest to bring a child into your life. We encourage you to review more of our website for additional information.