The truth about common VA benefit myths

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeFeb 09, 20210 Comments

Many veterans misunderstand or simply do not know about their benefits. Understanding available benefits through the Veterans' Administration can help ensure you can access disability payments, medical care and other programs. 

These are the facts behind some of the most common VA benefit myths. 

You cannot collect benefits for an old injury

In fact, VA benefits do not have a statute of limitations. If you have physical or mental health limitations related to military services, you can apply for disability no matter how long ago you left active duty. 

Elderly veterans may apply for additional benefits. For example, those confined to home because of a disability receive an increased monthly pension payment. You may qualify for an Aid and Attendance payment if you have limited vision, live in a nursing home, must remain in bed or need help with daily activities of living. 

You earn too much to receive benefits

The VA provides payments to disabled veterans regardless of whether they have sufficient income and assets. Unlike with other federal programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance, earnings and property holdings do not pay a role in eligibility if you have served. 

You can only receive long-term care in a VA nursing home

The VA offers a range of programs for veterans who need long-term health care because of their age. Many such individuals qualify for home-based or community-based nursing care, which appeals to veterans who do not want to live their final years in a nursing home setting. 

Veterans and their eligible family members can apply for benefits directly through the VA website. They can also appeal VA decisions about benefits, such as denial for disability payments