3 financial mistakes to avoid in divorce

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeApr 09, 20210 Comments

The mistakes you make during a divorce can come back and haunt you long after the ink is dry on the decree. Regardless of how long or short your marriage was, once divorce becomes the next step, there are a lot of considerations you will need to make that can impact your future financial stability. 

Not having a solid understanding of your finances and how your separation affects them can create unavoidable issues for your fresh start. Try to avoid the following financial mistakes during your divorce

Get up to speed

If your finances are not in order before you file for divorce, it is not too late to get them there. Whether you were the primary breadwinner or financially responsible party in your relationship or not, you need to account for every dime in your and your spouse's name. Gather copies of account statements, purchase receipts, and other key assets. 

Start a budget

Nothing changes a household's finances faster than divorce. The dissolution of your relationship means the separation of finances. To better prepare yourself for the financial changes that are to come, you should create a budget with your post-divorce income. Make adjustments to your current lifestyle so that once the courts issue the decree on your divorce, you are ready and capable of living comfortably. 

Get professional assistance

Sometimes, divorce is more difficult when one party refuses to cooperate or there are complications that keep you from getting the information you need about potentially hidden assets. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from working with a financial expert or attorney to help you regain control over your affairs. An expert can help you utilize resources to protect your financial interests during and after the divorce.