The distinct co-parenting challenges after a military divorce

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeJan 07, 20220 Comments

Families going through the divorce process have to overcome numerous challenges. Disputes over child custody and property division must be settled, along with other financial aspects. Military families also have to address such factors, but the dynamic of a military family can make matters more trying.

One of the key challenges a military couple faces after a divorce is implementing a workable parenting structure.  Due to the nature of the work, the military parent will often be away for extended periods. This can make it difficult to sustain a strong bond with the child. However, by recognizing potential difficulties early on, it is perfectly feasible for former spouses to have a successful co-parenting relationship after a military divorce.

Communication is key

With one parent being away for lengthy periods, many of the daily childcare obligations fall on the parent who remains. This can be frustrating for all parties. The parent at home may feel overwhelmed by an apparent lack of support. The military individual who is away could be under the impression that the child favors the other parent because of the time they spend together. Nonetheless, such apprehensions are often not based on reality. With clear communication, parents can implement shared parental responsibilities and ensure the child that they are both there to offer support.

Written terms offer stability

One way that parents can counter the difficulties posed by a military divorce is to implement a sound co-parenting schedule. Having a written document to fall back on gives both parents a concise awareness of their specific roles and responsibilities. Routine and stability are also key to making the divorce transition easier on the children. By enacting written expectations, parents can provide the security needed for their children to thrive.

A military divorce is no easy feat but it is possible for all parties to succeed in life after divorce. As you go through the procedure, be sure to take note of the legal rights at your disposal in Florida.