Will divorce mean refinancing your house?

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeJan 25, 20220 Comments

If you're getting divorced, you have a lot of financial questions to ask. This starts with the simple division of your assets, and you may also reassess your budget now that you're going down to one income.

If you have a home that you purchased with a loan from a mortgage lender, you may want to keep that home — and we've talked before about the complication that can bring. However, it may be in your name and your spouse's name. When they become your ex, are you going to have to refinance?

You need to talk to your spouse, but you likely need a new mortgage

Technically speaking, two non-married people can certainly own a home together. There are couples who get divorced and decide to keep the joint mortgage. In some cases, they do this because they just want the kids to be able to live in the same house, so they're willing to work together. In other cases, they do it because the market for their home is low and they want to wait and sell it at a time would it be more profitable.

Most of the time, though, the spouse who ends up keeping the home has to refinance it. The other spouse does not want to be connected to that mortgage loan, nor do they want to be responsible for it in the future. This may mean that you need to apply for that loan to see if keeping the house is really even an option, as many couples find that it is harder to get the mortgage that they need on a single income than it was when both people were working together.

This is just one part of the financial picture that you need to consider. Be sure you know about all of your legal options and exactly what to do as you go through this part of your life.