Could PTSD lead to a divorce?

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeFeb 08, 20220 Comments

There are many things that could lead to a divorce, from financial stress to extramarital affairs. But perhaps you haven't experienced any of that in your relationship.

Instead, since you're in the military, you spent time deployed overseas. While there, you were involved in combat, and you've developed PTSD. Even with treatment, it still impacts your life today. Could that eventually lead to the end of your marriage?

Any significant life change can cause a divorce

Big changes in your life can always increase the odds of divorce, and developing a serious condition like PTSD is no exception. Your spouse may find it harder to communicate with you, they may be nervous about what will happen or they may simply be stressed by helping you try to deal with the disorder. You didn't ask for any of that, and you may not ask for the divorce, but all of these stressors and factors can erode the relationship over time.

Moreover, some psychiatrists have found that PTSD from past trauma can actually grow worse when someone goes through a divorce or the breakup of a relationship in which they were dating. The symptoms that they were already dealing with can be exaggerated as they struggled to deal with the divorce, as well. It's important to know how this may impact you and how it can change your life even further.

Additionally, if you do wind up facing a divorce and you're worried that it's going to be very complex, it is important for you to know about all of the legal options at your disposal.