Can you get VA benefits for back pain?

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeMay 04, 20220 Comments

Serving in the military is an honorable profession. Unfortunately, our veterans often return home with injuries or pain that make it hard for them to work. There is help available to veterans with disabilities caused by their time in the service. 

In 2018, the United States Court of Appeals ruled that a veteran does not have to have a specific diagnosis to qualify for disability benefits due to pain.  The law now considers pain to be a disability, which allows veterans to apply for disability due to back pain.

How to apply for VA benefits due to back pain

The first thing that needs to happen is for a VA physician to diagnose you with chronic pain and document your course of treatment. Two tests are used to determine the severity of your problem. First, the physician will test your range of motion. Next, they will test your functional limitations.

The physician will also make note of your ability to function during a flare-up of your symptoms. Based on all of these different criteria, they will assign a number to your disability. For example, when asked to touch your toes, your range of motion number may only be at 60%. This indicates that you are not functioning at your best 60% of the time.

Filing your claim

Once you have your diagnosis documented, you can apply for disability benefits with the VA. One way that you can boost your chances of being approved for disability is to have your military buddies and officers write letters of support. A statement from a private doctor is also helpful. 

Should you be denied benefits, there is help available. Contact an experienced legal guide who understands the process of applying for VA benefits.