Did your spouse marry you for the money?

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeMay 27, 20220 Comments

You may have known your spouse for a long time before you committed to marriage. You may have gone on lovely dates, gone to the movies, met each other's parents and even spent a vacation or two together. Your relationship with your spouse seemed like a dream before marriage.

Today, your spouse acts like a whole other person than you once believed. Your spouse may be less motivated than they once were. They may not be as committed to the relationship after marriage as they made you once believe they would be. 

You may feel you were led into a marriage that never should have happened. In fact, you may even feel like your spouse used you for nothing more than financial stability.

Money issues can kill a marriage

It is often the case that people marry because it gives them a financial advantage. They may be able to afford a new car, their first home or support a child all for the low price of a long-term partner. While you may not have gone into your marriage for the money, that doesn't mean your spouse's intentions were pure. You may be the breadwinner in your marriage while your spouse spends all your hard-earned income. 

Statistically, money is one of the number one reasons people seek divorce. 

There may be hints from your spouse that indicate your spouse is only married for your money. They may have pushed you to avoid a prenup. They may have never disclosed the amount of debt they've built. You may even find your spouse has no intention to work for a better income – or work at all. You may even find that your spouse feels that it's somehow your “job” to fully support them.

If you believe you were lured into a marriage that should have never happened then you may need to know your options when seeking a divorce