Supporting your children during your deployment 

Posted by Zachary A. VanDykeJul 12, 20220 Comments

You and your former spouse came to the conclusion that divorce was the best option for you as a family. You've been in the military for a number of years and it means a great deal to you. So far, you and your ex have managed to work out a custody schedule that has functioned well. However, you are now about to be deployed. 

One of the main concerns you have is maintaining a close bond with your child while you are away. Outlined below are a few tips that should help with this. 

Write letters 

While technology has made staying in touch a lot easier, sometimes, more traditional methods still work. If you are able to, write regular letters to your child. Letters have a personal touch about them, and you can even include photos of yourself and your travels if this is appropriate. 

Of course, you don't necessarily have to use pen and paper, emails can function in a similar fashion. What's important is that contact remains as regular as possible. 

Pre-record some videos 

It may not be possible for you to write or call for long periods. However, one thing you may want to consider is recording some video messages that you can send at designated times. Perhaps your child has some bedtime stories that they like? Why not make a video of you reading them? This will help them settle at night times and feel as if they are still close to you. 

If you think it will be complicated to send them, you can always let your former spouse store them on their phone and play them for you. 

A military divorce can be complicated, but with effective communication, you and your ex can both remain actively involved in the lives of your children. If you have concerns about your custody rights as a serviceperson, make sure you seek some legal guidance.