Any legal case regarding child abuse or neglect is highly serious. If you are involved in any type of child dependency issue, you need a professional and compassionate attorney that can ensure the well-being of the child in question and protect the parent's rights.

I am a highly experienced attorney who is well-versed in Florida dependency law. As the principal of Zachary A. VanDyke, P.A., and with more than a decade of experience, I have a wide range of skills and knowledge regarding family law matters. Contact me at my law firm in Panama City to arrange a low cost first consultation. Call 850-215-6445. I have extensive military experience and knowledge and frequently assist Spanish-speaking clients.

Your Rights Under Florida Dependency Law

Cases involving child dependency issues can be emotionally harrowing. Every case that deals with abuse or neglect is an emergency and should be treated with utmost seriousness. These cases can often arise from bitter divorce disputes or other family law matters.

Quite often, acrimonious couples may stoop to allegations of child abuse, neglect or abandonment in order to further their case against their partner. In cases where the allegations of neglect, abuse or abandonment are warranted and have legal merit, then swift action needs to be taken to protect the child or children in question. In cases where the allegations are untrue or unfounded, it is important to clear your name and your record.

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Because I have been through family law issues myself, I have a deep understanding of the Florida divorce process and all that comes with it. Unlike many other lawyers, I can see both sides: the client side and the attorney side. I also understand the trauma that child dependency cases can cause for families. Call 850-215-6445 for immediate legal assistance regarding any type of child dependency issue. If your matter is not urgent, you can get a hold of me via my website email. Your initial consultation is always low cost. Se habla español.