Many people choose not to arrange premarital agreements, as they believe it takes away the romance of getting married. After all, nobody just getting married wants to think about the marriage splitting up and all the other complications that come along with it. Others feel that prenuptial agreements are only for wealthy celebrities.

However, premarital agreements can help safeguard your future and save you stress should the marriage break down. There are benefits to having attorney prepare a prenuptial agreement. Not sure if a prenuptial agreement is right for you? As the principal of Zachary A. VanDyke, P.A. in Panama City, I offer a low cost consultation so that you can get your specific questions answered.

Advantages Of A Prenuptial Agreement

The truth is that any couple can have a prenuptial agreement. It is up to the couple to decide on the terms of their prenup. You should decide on what you believe will work best for you based on your particular circumstances.

In any relationship, particularly in a marriage, communication is the key to success. However, speaking up and asserting yourself can be difficult for some. Some people would rather not rock the boat for fear that even mentioning the words “prenuptial agreement” may cause conflict in the relationship. In the long run, this will be far from true.

Some of the advantages that a prenup can offer are that it:

  • Differentiates between the spouses' separate property and marital property
  • Acts a support system to one's estate plan, and prevents the courts from intervening and deciding how to divide the property
  • Documents any special agreements that the spouses have
  • Cuts down on lengthy courtroom procedures, which prevents the divorce matter from becoming too long and drawn-out
  • Serves to lessen any disputes that might arise during divorce
  • Lays down the rules and instructions for handling any future issues
  • Assigns responsibility for loans, credit cards, mortgages and any other sources of debt

Sound Advice On Premarital Agreements

You might decide that you would rather not go through the trouble of a prenuptial agreement after discussing all of the above. However, your marriage will have benefited because you and your spouse expressed your thoughts on these matters and have a clear understanding of the assets involved.

I have the experience to help you find the most appropriate option for your situation. Having over a decade of experience as a lawyer, having gone through family law issues myself and being a former member of the U.S. military, I offer a keen insight into Florida family law issues involving both civilians and military personnel.

Get The Experienced, Compassionate Counsel You Need

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